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from the 201 but currently studying medicine in the Land of the Pure.
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July 31st
11:12 pm

July 31st
6:03 pm


July 31st
5:59 pm



A robber stole Umar Ibn Al-Khattab’s turban in the marketplace and ran. Umar ran after him shouting

'I bear witness to Allah that I have given it to you, so say “I accept it” so that the Hellfire does not touch you!'

can i just say that i love this man with all my heart and soul

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July 31st
1:56 am

I’m just so stressed about school and life and shit just keeps on adding up and adding up and I think I’m going insane

July 30th
11:58 pm


did you just say the n word?

white person:


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July 30th
4:36 pm

Fatima shops away her sadness

July 29th
5:38 pm

July 29th
5:36 pm


PIA air hostesses in the 1960s.

July 29th
2:39 pm

I think the worst part of being sad is when you open the freezer and realize you already binge ate all the icecream

July 29th
1:34 pm